Architectural Design and Construction in Singapore

Architectural Design and Construction (ADX) is a leading architecture and engineering company located in Singapore. The company has branches across mainland China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, and several other countries. In recent years, the company has branched out into several new markets, especially in Southeast Asia, where the demand for modern design and architecture is growing exponentially. In Singapore, the company continues to expand, focusing on the creation of residential complexes and town centers as well as commercial projects in areas such as education, research facilities, business, and government. Click here –

Architectural Design and Construction in Singapore

Architectural Design and Construction are managed by a handful of firm owners with close links to the Lee Kuek, a family of Singaporean entrepreneurs who have long been synonymous with successful project development in the country. Under the leadership of Lee Kuek, the firm has been able to grow from a small group of designers to a powerhouse of architects, engineers, and construction experts. Today, the company has more than 100 employees dedicated to the design and execution of projects. With projects ranging from housing and development projects for small communities to the construction of skyscrapers, Architect Singapore takes pride in delivering high-quality and innovative designs to their numerous clients in over 30 countries worldwide.

The company strives to maintain a good rapport with its clients, which is facilitated through regular feedback sessions. The architects are regularly updated on the progress of the projects and are able to suggest any possible changes that can be made to the original design or to the proposed site plan. For this reason, the Architectural Design and Construction Singapore firm maintain excellent communication with its clients, which has helped the company achieve success and growth. As a result, several international architectural firms have chosen to create their businesses in Singapore, allowing the country to boast a thriving construction industry.

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