ParaGard IUD Removal Lawyer

ParaGard IUD Removal Lawyer

If you have suffered a severe injury due to a broken Paragard IUD, you should consider hiring a ParaGard IUD Removal Lawyer. While there is no class action lawsuit for this issue, several cases have already been consolidated in the Northern District of Georgia. Paragard removal lawsuits attempt to hold the manufacturer of the device responsible for the damages caused by their product. These injuries can include scarring, injuries, and surgical repair.

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If your medical condition has worsened after a ParaGard IUD removal, you may need surgery to remove the remaining pieces. Ultimately, you may have to undergo a total hysterectomy if you have any remaining pieces. These complications can have a significant impact on your quality of life and may even result in infertility. Not only are you facing high medical bills, but you may also be suffering from psychological distress and loss of wages. If your situation requires surgery, you should seek legal representation immediately.

A paragard IUD removal attorney may be able to help you get your IUD removed without having to undergo surgery. Some women undergo such procedures without warning. According to a Paragard lawsuit, some of the surgeries failed to remove the device’s copper coil. The lawsuit states that despite repeated attempts, the plaintiff still had a piece of IUD embedded in her uterine lining. It is extremely important to seek legal representation for a Paragard IUD removal lawsuit.

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