The Best Spa in Bali

When looking for the very best spa in Bali you have a few different options to choose from. There are several high end hotels with in-spa amenities such as heated swimming pools, Jacuzzi baths, saunas, massages, and more, and then there are the fairly low cost resorts that offer all the basic amenities at a reasonable price. It really just comes down to what your budget will allow for and which destination you would like to take your pleasure away from. In Bali, there are two main islands – Kuta and Jimbaran. You can generally expect to find a spa hotel somewhere on either island. Click Here –

Why Should I Get a Treatment at a Spa in Bali?

If you want to find the best spa in Bali at a reasonable price, the best option might be to check out the Holiday Inn Alapuzha in Kuta. This five star hotel is one of the cheapest around and has one of the best hot tubs around. The spa at the Holiday Inn is open twenty four hours a day and you will find that the staff are extremely helpful and extremely patient with guests who are having a little bit of trouble getting a massage or just want a quick massage before heading off to see the sunset. Another great thing about this hotel is that you will not have to worry about paying to use the day spa because there is an all inclusive package which includes use of the pool, the jacuzzi, and even a massage at night.

The second best spa in Bali is the Uluwatu Day Spa and Massage. This place has beautiful lush surroundings, which make it a wonderful place to visit for a relaxing massage. There is no one on the premises but you can tell that there are quite a few people because the receptionist seems to always be running in and out with towels and bottles of lotion. This is also located on the island of Bali so it is close enough to get to Kuta or any of the other islands that you may be interested in visiting to relax your senses.

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